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the skillful management of state affairs; statesmanship.

It regards international relations as a ‘society’ of states in which the principal actors are statespeople who are specialized in the practice of statecraft .

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Example of statecraft

  • A strategy of disengagement would require bold, risk-taking statecraft of a high order, and much diplomatic competence in its execution.

  • But it flourishes at the highest levels of American statecraft .

  • But it's also a history play, and crams in all the issues of statecraft , politics, and morality that obsessed the Elizabethans.

  • Economic statecraft , whereby nations use trade, loans, grants and investment to influence the action of other states, is now becoming more important.

  • He merely mentioned - with a polite, deferential cough - the possibility of voluntary restrictions, in the middle of talks focusing on trade and statecraft .

  • His considerable exertions notwithstanding, truth in matters of statecraft remains implacably gray.

  • Instead, they have replaced statecraft with stagecraft, substance with style, and not a very fashionable style at that.

  • issues of statecraft require great deliberation

  • It is a profoundly irresponsible approach to statecraft ; the future it portends is desolate.

  • It is the precise role of statecraft to work with other countries with which one shares common economic, social and security interests to maximize mutual benefit from that relationship.