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Definition of state


a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government.

Other recent arrivals at the Biennale include former Soviet states and nations: Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and the Ukraine.

an impression taken from an etched or engraved plate at a particular stage.

Mrs. Siddons was a first state with the coveted blotted edge.

express something definitely or clearly in speech or writing.

“Money hasn't changed me,” she stated firmly

of, provided by, or concerned with the civil government of a country.

a state secret

pomp and ceremony associated with monarchy or high levels of government.

Edward was seated in state with the Duke of Gloucester at his side.

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Example of state

  • state education

  • a state secret

  • a minister engaged in matters of state

  • Hopefully, by moving to the north for a little while, my work will improve and so will my state of mind.

  • However, I take issue with those who think more state intervention will help.

  • I am reluctant to state a case when the substratum was not the right substratum.

  • I have already seen it three times and each time I gain new insights into my own state of mind.

  • I needed to hear words that only he could say, words that would shake me out of my unsettled state of mind.

  • I refer to the shameful state of the area behind Superdrug highlighted in your article on March 26.

  • I think you've managed to capture my state of mind pretty much exactly.

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