Definition of stain


a colored patch or dirty mark that is difficult to remove.

Did you know that you could use white toothpaste to remove green ice pop stains from your kitchen counter?

a penetrative dye or chemical used in coloring a material or object.

They cut borders and pattern lines into the surface to separate different applications of colored chemical stains .

color (a material or object) by applying a penetrative dye or chemical.

The paintings are also stained here and there with pale, translucent washes of chromatic dye.

mark (something) with colored patches or dirty marks that are not easily removed.

If you wait, it may be too late to safely remove the spot without staining or discoloring the fabric.

stain definition and meaning. What does stain definination?

Example of stain

  • As such it wants to ensure that firms do nothing to stain their reputation when they ship jobs overseas.

  • At a minimum, I believe that the Court's inexcusable ruling will severely stain its reputation for years to come, perhaps decades.

  • Grouting can also stain - specialist grout cleaners are available from DIY shops or Relics of Witney.

  • I think it's a stain on his integrity, but an understandable one.

  • Iced tea is a light brown shade and will stain the white cloth covering the table just like the cranberries.

  • If he resigns now, his exit would leave a stain on his entire career.

  • In your final paragraph you suggest that the underclass is a stain on our society, which suggests we somehow create it.

  • It is a story of savage in-fighting which has left a bloody stain on the club's reputation.

  • It was a ruthless bid for mainstream success, yet he emerged without a stain on his avant-garde credentials.

  • It's their responsibility to verify that I'm not a shoplifter, and am free to go about the rest of my life without a stain on my character.

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