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Definition of sponge


a person who lives at someone else's expense.

a piece of a soft, light, porous substance originally consisting of the fibrous skeleton of an invertebrate but now usually made of synthetic material. Sponges absorb liquid and are used for washing and cleaning.

Physical debris was removed from needles as necessary using sponges soaked with disinfectant.

a primitive sedentary aquatic invertebrate with a soft porous body that is typically supported by a framework of fibers or calcareous or glassy spicules. Sponges draw in a current of water to extract nutrients and oxygen.

Other images are just as mystifying the spine of a sea urchin, sharks' teeth, sponges and ascidians, to name a few.

obtain or accept money or food from other people without doing or intending to do anything in return.

they found they could earn a perfectly good living by sponging off others

wipe, rub, or clean with a wet sponge or cloth.

She looked down and reluctantly sponged off her hands.

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Example of sponge

  • a chocolate sponge

  • Although, I did not feel comfortable sponging off of their generosity, so I did not get much.

  • Be a sponge - absorb as much inspiration as you can from watching other artists perform.

  • Christenings increasingly call for finger food, light bright sponge cakes and pavlovas, rather than a sit-down feast.

  • Enthusiasm is crucial, as is respect, politeness and the sponge-like ability to absorb knowledge.

  • For breakfast prisoners are offered coffee or hot chocolate, along with bread and butter, biscuits and small sponge cakes .

  • he edged closer, clearly intending to sponge money from her

  • However, Dubuffet soon extended the meaning of the word ‘assemblage’ to cover small sculptures he made from such materials as sponge and scraps of wood.

  • However, passive organic matter acts much like a sponge , holding a lot of water.

  • I hid sharp unease behind the cream sponge and sugar tongs.

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