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a surface making an oblique angle with another, such as the splayed side of a window or embrasure.

The matrix from Fish Hut above Dutch Gap is darker, organic-rich clay containing significant sand and mica, suggesting a crevasse splay , where sand was deposited on the floodplain after a levee break.

a widening or outward tapering of something, in particular.

Whitbarrow National Nature Reserve, centred on the huge hill of limestone which rises above the A590 near Witherslack, already crawls with wildlife and rich splays of unusual plants.

thrust or spread (things, especially limbs or fingers) out and apart.

Sharma's feet were splayed , set apart from each other in disgrace, his work unfinished.

turned outward or widened.

the girls were sitting splay-legged

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Example of splay

  • A splay can appear between the great and second toes.

  • Also, it is well known that spontaneous curvature is a critical determinant of splay, and in turn splay is a controlling membrane deformation of several membrane processes, such as membrane fusion.

  • Apart from the splay where the driveway meets Woodhill Lane the width of the current metalled surface of the driveway is a uniform 9 feet.

  • Before I had time to sigh heavily, the front door to my office burst open, spewing forth a golden splay of light over the snowy front yard.

  • Butcher John Sumbler said that when Kelham Gardens was built a number of parking spaces in London Road were lost when a visibility splay for the new estate was provided as a highway requirement.

  • Di Giorgio Martini's fortress walls splay outwards, down to the sea to repel marauding buccaneers.

  • He reasons that this hammering accounts for a slight splay in the plate from top to bottom.

  • He said that to provide a satisfactory visibility splay the access would have to protrude into and take up virtually half the width of Wilcot Road.

  • If you want to maximize the amount of light coming into the room, make the ceiling opening larger than the roof opening and connect them with a splayed light shaft; you can splay any or all shaft walls.

  • In general, the energetic cost of the splay of the lipid chains in the stalk prohibits its spontaneous expansion.

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