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Definition of spitful


showing or caused by malice.

But his remarks about Israel are as spiteful as they are ignorant.

spitful definition and meaning. What does spitful definination?

Example of spitful

  • ‘They were acting out of spitefulness and hatred’, said the plain-speaking Archbishop in an interview with our reporter.

  • A spiteful , vicious corner of my mind wants to yell so that they know how catty she is being.

  • Absorbed by the character both physically and expressively she capably displays a repellent degree of manipulation and spitefulness and there is an almost diabolical edge to her performance.

  • Besides, you will already know there is not a vindictive or a spiteful bone in a Lab's body.

  • Betty was ‘needy’, craving her daughter's affection to such an extent that Lulu, then still Marie, spitefully withheld it.

  • Both leaders became prime ministers of this land, as a testimony to their immaturity and spitefulness .

  • But his remarks about Israel are as spiteful as they are ignorant.

  • But you know, my heart just sank too deep knowing how horribly spiteful , cruel and unproductive this issue is.

  • Eclair's writing is spiteful and vindictive, her agenda unreconstructed and male.

  • Granted, she thought her sister did an awful, malicious, and spiteful job of it, but still!

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