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a lure designed to revolve when pulled through the water.

‘Fish shallow areas near deeper water,’ Crafts said, ‘and throw something that makes a lot of noise: buzzbaits, spinnerbaits , topwaters.’

a metal fairing that is attached to and revolves with the propeller boss of an aircraft in order to streamline it.

The plane was painted an overall yellow with a red spinner .

a person occupied in making thread by spinning.

A reader asks if they link us with the days of the hand-loom weaver and the home spinner ?

a person or thing that spins.

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Example of spinners

  • A new and much improved cowling was built for the Menasco while a hand-formed aluminum spinner was added over the propeller hub.

  • Also, large four-blade paddle-style propellers had been added along with a set of spinners that had been made for the prototypes and early production aircraft.

  • Calling all Bolton ex-mill workers, carders, spinners , winders and weavers… someone wants to hear your story.

  • Congratulations to the Stewarts on a fine restoration and the addition of the prop spinners - they look great and are efficient.

  • Demonstrations taking place include basket makers, corn dollies, stick making, coracle maker, greenwood workers, blacksmith, spoon carver, spinners and weavers.

  • Flies, spinners and plugs, in fact all types of lures including plastic worms, also live and dead bait all catch these fish.

  • He inspired Indians to burn imported British fabrics and return to the traditional textiles woven in villages, and he helped retrain local spinners , weavers, and carders.

  • He spun his stick around in his fingers like a spinner would with thread.

  • Holes had been patched, the outer wing panels and horizontal tail replaced with new P - 38F spares, and new props and spinners installed.

  • Idly I reeled the little spinner through the blue-green water.