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Definition of spillway


a passage for surplus water from a dam.

There are still some rescues going on near the spillway at Canyon Lake.

spillway definition and meaning. What does spillway definination?

Example of spillway

  • ‘That lake is going to get so full it's going to get to the emergency spillways ,’ said Larry Leinhauser, spokesman for Manatee County public safety emergency operations.

  • A few diaspores may pass dams through turbines or spillways .

  • After the spillway breached, it was about 190 feet wide and 40 feet deep.

  • Although the dam held, it sustained damage to its concrete core and spillway .

  • As the Iraqi engineers from the Irrigation Ministry began to look at their dams, diversion structures and gated spillways , they expressed concern that some of them had been damaged.

  • Berrios worries about losing specialists who can design large networks, databases and systems to control dams, spillways and other specialized irrigation or waterway systems.

  • Clouds were building up so we had to hurry over the boardwalk that looks down into the gorge cut by the Kallada, fed by the spillway of the dam.

  • Constructing concrete spillways may reduce or prevent damage to dams caused by burrowing beavers.

  • Construction is expected to start on the first part of the dam wall, which is the foundation for the second spillway , by the end of May.

  • It had been extinguished in some parts of the Ord Project Area with respect to the dam area and spillways and irrigation areas.

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