speeds Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of speeds

Definition of speeds


an amphetamine drug, especially methamphetamine.

Whittaker and Morrison carried out the killings after stealing a small amount of amphetamine sulphate, also known as speed , from the house.

each of the possible gear ratios of a bicycle or motor vehicle.

make prosperous or successful.

God speed you to your job in Brussels.

move quickly.

Darcy watched sadly as Jeremy backed out quickly and sped down the road.

rapidity of movement or action.

‘The cause of this collision is due to excessive speed ,’ PC Cox said.

speeds definition and meaning. What does speeds definination?

Example of speeds

  • ‘The cause of this collision is due to excessive speed ,’ PC Cox said.

  • Able to reach speeds of 60 mph for a short time, it is the second-fastest land animal on earth; only the cheetah is faster.

  • As camera speeds became quicker, so the image was transformed.

  • At the sort of speed you should have been travelling this collision would have been wholly avoidable.

  • Films also vary according to their ISO number or film speed : their sensitivity to light.

  • Five of these collisions were caused by alcohol or drugs resulting in six deaths and two collisions were caused by excessive speed resulting in two deaths.

  • He discusses camera types, lenses, focal length, flash, light, digital photographs, and film types and speeds .

  • he doesn't have the speed to get away from defenders

  • He said the ‘unfortunate’ accident was due to excessive speed and the torrential rain.

  • I glanced towards the car, trying to see who the driver was, but they sped off too quickly.