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Synonyms of speck


Definition of speck


a tiny spot.

They eased the ponies forwards, and soon the village was a tiny speck in the distance.

mark with small spots.

They both had the same color hair (although Eric's was specked with gray and white,) and the attitude had to run in their blood.

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Example of speck

  • A tiny speck of blood landed on his newly polished red-leather shoes.

  • A tiny speck of glass fell to the ground at his feet.

  • Aircraft do really travel through the skies, even if they are only seen as tiny specks from the ground.

  • Aside from a few specks of dirt, the print looked flawless.

  • But the sky was dark, the tiny specks in the sky sparkling dimly in the pitch blackness.

  • Caspian brushed invisible specks of dust off his clothes.

  • He brushed some almost undetectable specks off his apron as a sudden flood of customers entered the store.

  • Hens herd their chicks from the shade of one log to the next, searching for specks of grain along the way.

  • Her short hair was specked with gray and her face contained only a few wrinkles.

  • I have a blast with the stuff; in an evening, I can easily make a dozen really nice, speckless cards up from one or two negatives.