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Definition of solipsism


the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.

Wittgenstein's two arguments about solipsism both dispense with it.

solipsism definition and meaning. What does solipsism definination?

Example of solipsism

  • Artists are a not-negligible factor in the globalization of culture that is, solipsistically , such a big theme in contemporary art.

  • As Heidegger puts it, anxiety testifies to a kind of ‘existential solipsism .’

  • Circumstances can encourage such a solipsistic approach.

  • Diaries are solipsistic compared with blogs, which are a far more sociable medium, allowing for dialogue with outsiders and links to other websites.

  • For he was a solipsist who did not share the screen easily with anyone.

  • Fractious division, corruption and the misuse of power rob the people of national hope, a loss which leaves them to survive solipsistically in an all-too-familiar despair.

  • Hey, I'm thinking of establishing a bulletin board for solipsists .

  • I'm impressed by the solitary intensity of the gamblers, and the way these solipsists at the slots form a community of obsession.

  • It seems that transcendental phenomenology inevitably involves solipsism .

  • Levi was well-known for his impatience with long-winded, solipsistic or obscurantist prose.

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