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Synonyms of soften


Definition of soften


make or become less hard.

Watch it carefully to see when it begins to soften , then immediately remove the heat and scrape the adhesive off with a putty knife.

make or become less severe.

When you think loving thoughts your expression softens and your baby will notice your loving looks.

remove mineral salts from (water).

The most common way to soften household water is to use a water softener.

soften definition and meaning. What does soften definination?

Example of soften

  • a major injection of private cash could soften the blow for the taxpayer

  • After a few glasses of wine to soften him up, she began her pitch.

  • Apply the solution to the brick; allow it to soften paint; and remove with scraper and stiff bristle brush.

  • Before planting, soak seeds overnight in warm water to soften and speed germination.

  • But what you should try and find out about is what kind of agents have been added to harden or soften the tap water, as it affects the taste.

  • Despite his ill temper, however, every day that he spends in the calm atmosphere of the peaceful village seems to soften him.

  • I have a feeling they will try and soften us up with artillery before they attack again.

  • If the chocolate starts to firm, soften over the heated water again.

  • If writing to ask for extra money, he would sometimes include a mathematical theorem for possible use in exams to soften his father up.

  • If you are not satisfied with some part of the product, you only need to sprinkle a little water to soften the clay.