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(of a person) clean, neat, and well-dressed.

And being on time, having a positive outlook and a smart appearance help to make a good first impression.

having or showing a quick-witted intelligence.

I like being the smart , intelligent career woman who is respected by her peers.

quick; brisk.

We reckon that the royal family should snap up some of the domain names quick smart .

smartest definition and meaning. What does smartest definination?

Example of smartest

  • After about half an hour tailing my taxi, we arrive in a smart area on the outskirts of Rhodes town itself, where modern hotels stand shoulder-to-shoulder facing a small but pleasant beach.

  • An exhaustive work on the subject of using Linux in embedded systems and smart devices certainly could occupy a lot more pages.

  • But this man was the real thing: well-spoken, briefcase, smart dresser.

  • Charlotte de Rosnay - who lived near Miss Dando - said the man's overall appearance was smart .

  • Dates with the girls took place in smart locations like Mediterranean resorts and even on a luxury yacht off the Côte D' Azur.

  • During the summer, drivers can wear a plain blue or white polo shirt and smart trousers and shoes, but not shorts or trainers.

  • Embedded devices add levels of intelligence to their hosting computer or smart device, and are a common technology on telecom and data networks.

  • I looked up to find her holding a pair of pale blue jeans and a smart button down top.

  • I'm old-fashioned about ‘going to the bank’, clinging to the feeling that it's a posh outing, needing smart clothes.

  • In other words, she had a smart remark ready the minute he stepped out of the lift.

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