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Definition of smart


(of a person) clean, neat, and well-dressed.

And being on time, having a positive outlook and a smart appearance help to make a good first impression.

(of a wound or part of the body) cause a sharp, stinging pain.

At any rate, here you are, sitting in your room, wounds smarting from the rejection.

having or showing a quick-witted intelligence.

I like being the smart , intelligent career woman who is respected by her peers.

in a quick or brisk manner.

it is better for tenants to be compelled to pay up smart

intelligence; acumen.

Somebody must believe they have the smarts and resourcefulness to play in a pinch without the benefit of endless preparation.

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Example of smart

  • ‘Modern alarm devices are so smart , they can even tell when they need to be cleaned,’ he continues.

  • After about half an hour tailing my taxi, we arrive in a smart area on the outskirts of Rhodes town itself, where modern hotels stand shoulder-to-shoulder facing a small but pleasant beach.

  • Although Freyen was more of a laid-back character, Marlo completed the duo with his smart remarks and sarcastic jokes.

  • Besides the smart gestures and disturbing remarks, no.

  • But hey, I wasn't about to make a smart remark on women; I always lose.

  • But there is much more to it than a lovely fresh ringtone or smart wallpaper.

  • Charlotte de Rosnay - who lived near Miss Dando - said the man's overall appearance was smart .

  • For the moment, let's ignore three questions: Are we smart enough to program smart appliances?

  • He lists his ideal mate as needing to be smart , intelligent, possessing a sense of humour and a well toned body.

  • I found Jason to be very smart and quick-witted.

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