silver tongue Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of silver tongue

silver tongue meaning in Bengali

রূপালী জিহ্বা
"silver tongue meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for silver tongue? What does silver tongue mean? silver tongue definition and meaning.

Synonyms of silver tongue

Definition of silver tongue


a tendency to be eloquent and persuasive in speaking.

Whether shareholders will see any value will depend on the silver tongues of its management and their advisers.

silver tongue definition and meaning. What does silver tongue definination?

Example of silver tongue

  • A silver-tongued charmer with celluloid in his veins, he veers between boy-wonder genius and self-promoting charlatan.

  • A fax was promised to me but never came; the silver-tongued deceiver will be made to pay.

  • He seduces a lonely teenage girl (Evan Rachel Wood) and becomes a hero to her younger brother, but dangerous forces lurk beneath his silver-tongued surface.

  • it is likely that his silver tongue had got around her

  • Laura represents everything that he wants; she is an innocent, as yet uncorrupted, a genuine person in a world of silver tongues and those who would use him for their own gain.

  • My only saving grace is my silver tongue - I am pretty good with words, but not much else.

  • So, what if you weren't born with a silver tongue ?

  • Supersellers puts silver-tongued salespeople to the test.

  • The silver-tongued Casanova, who turned deception into an art form, convinced them to abandon their studies, betray their wealthy farming families and jettison their self-respect.

  • Timothy was the obvious asset: with his sterling reputation and silver tongue , no mental powers might be necessary.