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Definition of shrewd


(especially of weather) piercingly cold.

a shrewd east wind

having or showing sharp powers of judgment; astute.

Talking of money, the reporters were shrewd enough to know that there was an emergency allowance set aside for those deprived of their means of livelihood.

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Example of shrewd

  • A shrewd businessman, he raised his fees to unprecedented heights - and his envious rivals followed his example.

  • Aside from sponsoring motor races, Gordon was shrewd enough to recognise the potential of the infant motor industry.

  • Businessmen will hire shrewd youngsters, who will help boost business.

  • General manager Danny Ferry made a shrewd move in signing the 32-year-old power forward.

  • He is a man of some tactical shrewdness and no discernible principles.

  • He or she may seem unprepossessing and even modest, but it's not difficult to discern that true inner shrewdness and tenacity.

  • He was a very shrewd , very sharp head of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • He was aware of the dangers and shrewdly calculated his option.

  • Her observations of people quickly gave her a shrewd idea of people's personalities and hence she could, for example, give friends advice on what to expect when associate with certain others.

  • However, he worked hard and his shrewd diplomatic judgement enabled him to help forge an alliance with France in 1717-18.

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