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Definition of show-off


a person who acts pretentiously or who publicly parades themselves, their possessions, or their accomplishments.

But it is still just a game show for show-offs , albeit an extremely funny one.

show-off definition and meaning. What does show-off definination?

Example of show-off

  • A certain group of executive show-offs are beginning to smoke cigars outside in a little alcove all of their own.

  • A commendable campaign against an ill-considered planning decision seems to have been hijacked by a bunch of tree-hugging show-offs with a childish obsession with fancy dress.

  • A lot of comedians are insecure show-offs , and not particularly funny.

  • After so many years of cynicism, we are ready to declare our own brilliance once more, but this time with a microscope, picking out every last detail, rather than concentrating on the show-offs shouting in the middle.

  • But it is still just a game show for show-offs , albeit an extremely funny one.

  • he's a real show-off

  • I think a lot of us are insecure little show-offs .

  • I'd be the dad that clowns quite a lot and shows off to the kids and makes them laugh because I can be a show-off .

  • Irwin also remarked on a gallery practice that has occasionally allowed show-offs to pretend they own something that they have no intention of paying for.

  • It's the way we're brought up, in a culture that prizes modesty and adores putting show-offs in their place.