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(of rain) fall in large quantities.

At ten o'clock it was sheeting down, a huge torrent, and the cars on the road outside threw up massive sprays as they whizzed passed.

a large rectangular piece of cotton or other fabric, used on a bed to cover the mattress and as a layer beneath blankets when these are used.

We're surrounded by pillows, blankets and sun-smelling cotton sheets .

a rectangular piece of paper, especially one of a standard size produced commercially and used for writing and printing on.

Do this on a large A3 sheet and you get a sheet of size A4.

a rope attached to the lower corner of a sail for securing or extending the sail or for altering its direction.

With one sail, one halyard, one sheet , and two winches, the boat is the ultimate in uncomplicated sailing.

an extensive unbroken surface area of something.

But most arctic sea ice consists of pack ice, broken sheets moved by wind and ocean currents.

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Example of sheet

  • sheet ice

  • sheet of paper

  • a sheet of stamps

  • After passing up their homework, the class took out a sheet of paper and their writing materials for their quiz.

  • Are you OK? You're as white as a sheet

  • Carelessly she ran over to the edges to collect more, but slipped and almost fell because of a sheet of ice that was hidden on the floor underneath the snow.

  • Cover this with a sheet of plastic the size of the slice of bread.

  • Grabbing the sheet of information, Scott jumped from his chair, and flew out the door.

  • He had long, slightly curly black hair, and beautiful blue eyes that were so light that they looked as if the had a sheet of ice clouding them.

  • I was going somewhere with my mom, and she slipped on a sheet of ice.

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