shape Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of shape

Definition of shape


give a particular shape or form to.

To guide his hand as it shapes the Styrofoam, he projects composite image-and-text designs onto the panel.

the external form or appearance characteristic of someone or something; the outline of an area or figure.

Use a black marker to outline the shape and to write scientific or mathematical equations on the bag.

the particular condition or state of someone or something.

Data-mining projects are generally a good bet for companies in poor financial shape , looking to technology for quick payback, he says.

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Example of shape

  • shape the dough into two-inch balls

  • Choral movements give shape to the nation, but not merely as a matter of representing the nation.

  • Collectively titled ‘Airships,’ all of the sculptures assume the general shape of a dirigible.

  • debates about the future shape of British society

  • For each shape , glue two papers together to hide the plain side.

  • He cried, his mouth barely able to shape the words to her name, much less find the words that he needed to bring her away from the edge.

  • He eventually destroys Paradise by assuming the shape of a serpent and tricking Eve into eating from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge.

  • he saw a shape through the mist

  • He was hunting for greens when he became aware of the dark shape outlined against the shifting, luminous background.

  • In the first three decades of the twentieth century the discipline of economics assumed its present shape .