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Definition of serotype

a serologically distinguishable strain of a microorganism.

The serotypes were identified according to the chart provided by the manufacturers along with the kit.

assign (a microorganism) to a particular serotype.

The isolates were serotyped and tested for susceptibility to antimicrobials including those recommended for intrapartum prophylaxis.

serotype definition and meaning. What does serotype definination?

Example of serotype

  • All the four serotypes of dengue virus could be detected and isolated during this epidemic.

  • Among the 102 non pregnant women in the present study, multiple serotypes were detected in 21.6 per cent.

  • As we did not serotype these pneumococcal strains or measure antibodies to them, we cannot do more than speculate on the mechanism for this observation.

  • Each vaccine contains 23 purified pneumococcal capsular polysaccharides of S. pneumoniae serotypes .

  • However, when multiple GBS colonies were picked and serotyped , this concordance decreased to 80 per cent.

  • Immune sera from some Cambodian refugees contain functional serotypic antibodies that inhibit invasion of erythrocytes by the Camp strain but not by the FCR-3 strain of Plasmodium falciparum.

  • In this electropherotype group also the majority of serotypic ally mixed samples, particularly in 12 (86%) of 14 samples were found.

  • most investigators have made no attempt to serotype the ureaplasmas isolated

  • Of the 143 patients with acute otitis media due to S. pneumoniae, 141 isolates were serotyped and 140 confirmed.

  • Tests that aid in investigating the epidemiology of Listeria outbreaks are those that identify the serotype of the organism.

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