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Definition of saddle


a large cut of meat consisting of the two loins.

Roast saddle of lamb is smartly surrounded by rustic eggplant caviar and cracked wheat.

a seat fastened on the back of a horse or other animal for riding, typically made of leather and raised at the front and rear.

Put the saddle on the horse, but don't tighten the girth too much right away.

put a saddle on (a horse).

All four horses of the team will be saddled , but only the two horses on the left will carry mounted riders.

something resembling a saddle in appearance, function, or position, in particular.

The burned floor had one saddle quern against the south wall and another on the west side of the room, both in situ on the surface.

saddle definition and meaning. What does saddle definination?

Example of saddle

  • a saddle of lamb

  • a recipe for saddle of hare

  • A small shoal of barracuda patrol a saddle in the ridge, but there are not the enormous shoals of barracuda or trevally to be found at Richelieu Rock.

  • As you position the saddle , take care not to puncture the roofing felt, as this can cause leaks.

  • Beyond the summit the hill's E ridge drops down to a saddle from where you can descend N to the head of the Allt Mheuran and a path back to the starting point.

  • Check out the old Toyota ute with a cowboy hat on the dash, a kelpie in the front seat and a saddle in the back.

  • Cochrane returned to the saddle to exercise a horse for trainer James Fanshawe last week.

  • Even as it was carried across the room, it was clear that the crimson-red saddle of marinated venison was exceptionally succulent.

  • feathers at the rear of a rooster's saddle

  • Fillets come from the saddle and are best pan-fried until medium rare.

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