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Definition of runs


(of a bus, train, ferry, or other form of transportation) make a regular journey on a particular route.

The area is well served by public transport - the Arrow train runs from the nearby station into Dublin city centre every half hour during peak periods.

(of an object or act) cost (someone) (a specified amount).

A room at the Marriott Fisherman's Wharf can run you up to $369.

(with reference to a liquid) flow or cause to flow.

Buffy stood and took her mug to the sink and ran water into it.

a continuous spell of a particular situation or condition.

The single was originally due for release in May but was hit by a run of bad luck.

a downward trickle of paint or a similar substance when applied too thickly.

Apply varnish full strength, taking extra care to avoid runs and sags.

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