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a fast-swimming fish of the jack family, occurring in tropical seas.

Stopping on the way I cast a fly to a snapper which quickly grabbed hold, this was followed by a blue runner then a small barracuda which after one jump threw the hook.

a long, narrow rug or strip of carpet, especially for a hall or stairway.

Andrei fell in a heap on the carpet runner , screening in pain and clutching his knee.

a person who runs, especially in a specified way.

I had always been a fast runner , so it didn't take me very long to get into the park which was 2 blocks away.

a person who smuggles specified goods into or out of a country or area.

a drug-runner

a revolving millstone.

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Example of runner

  • a faded runner held in place with brass stair rods

  • a marathon runner

  • Andrei fell in a heap on the carpet runner , screening in pain and clutching his knee.

  • Anna was a fast runner , trying out for track in the spring.

  • As stated at the start Barry wasn't the fastest runner from the Newry area.

  • Being a fast runner , he soon left the two of them behind.

  • he came in to bat with a runner

  • He may not be the fastest runner next weekend, but he'll give it his best shot, rugby match or no rugby match.

  • He was the fastest runner at school, he knew the maths and the grammar the best, and on the top of it, he could paint and draw better than me.

  • He's a smart hitter, smart runner , and smart fielder.

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