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a low approach shot that bounces and runs forward.

A lot of players are already using the 3-wood from the fringe and on run-up shots.

a marked rise in the value or level of something.

Cheap stock fueled the valuation run-up : As the cash portion has risen, prices have dropped.

an act of running an engine or turbine to prepare it for use or to test it.

After everyone was strapped in and engines started, a thorough run-up produced three thumbs up and we were blasting down the Chino runway.

an act of running briefly to gain momentum before performing a jump in track and field or other sports.

A former West Indies player taught me my run-up back in 1999, at Kensington Cricket Club.

the period preceding a notable event.

The group sold more than 100,000 model train sets in the run-up to the festive period, outperforming sales of its Scalextric slot racing cars.

run-up definition and meaning. What does run-up definination?

Example of run-up

  • A former West Indies player taught me my run-up back in 1999, at Kensington Cricket Club.

  • a sharp run-up of land and stock prices

  • After he shut down the engine in the run-up area, I should have returned to base and incompleted the event.

  • an acrimonious run-up to legislative elections

  • And the companies behind the latest sell-off are not the pie in the sky dotcom ventures that fuelled the frenzied run-up in the Nasdaq index earlier this year.

  • Arm speed refers to the speed with which you pull the disc across your body when you execute the run-up .

  • During the engine run-up , the passenger noticed that the checklist was not used.

  • Gold, and gold stocks, have enjoyed a rapid run-up since May.

  • He has already started to plan fundraising events in the run-up to this year's ambitious challenge.

  • He made a careful engine run-up with all instruments in the green, repeated his instructions to me and took the Active, number two in trail.