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Definition of rot


(chiefly of animal or vegetable matter) decay or cause to decay by the action of bacteria and fungi; decompose.

It looked ironically enough, like the most expensive house in the area, even though the wooden window frames were rotting away.

nonsense; rubbish.

Superstitions were all very well and good if you believed in that kind of thing, from fortune telling to dreams that seemed to foretell the future, but in his opinion, it was all rot .

the process of decaying.

Many local museums, and indeed private collectors, store artifacts in less than ideal environments - for example, some storage places are damp and this can encourage rot and rust.

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Example of rot

  • After a few days, the sought after botrytis-infected grape can rot further by the action of another fungus into a gooey grey lump.

  • As with wheat streak mosaic, we've had a few calls on crown rot causing partial stand loss.

  • Charcoal rot is a fungal disease favored by hot, dry weather at this stage in crop development.

  • don't talk rot

  • He didn't let his teeth rot out in prison, unlike John there.

  • He first had to determine just how deep the financial rot ran.

  • However, many officers doubt it is enough to stop the rot .

  • If they are not cremated, put to sea, left to rot or to wild animals, they are often buried.

  • In central Nebraska, several fields are severely damaged by anthracnose stalk rot .

  • Income equals consumption and no goods are left to rot on the shelves.