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Synonyms of reunions


Definition of reunions


an instance of two or more people coming together again after a period of separation.

It is their first lengthy reunion with 52-year-old Ian since he was released from an Indian prison two weeks ago.

reunions definition and meaning. What does reunions definination?

Example of reunions

  • a school reunion

  • A year before, two of the girls got in touch with each other and planned a reunion of sorts.

  • And on top of that, my 20th high school reunion is coming up in a few weeks.

  • But the Heaton teenager is already smiling - for he enjoyed an emotional family reunion in Athens, on Thursday.

  • China's reunion with capital-surplus Hong Kong has also come as a boon.

  • Five of them lived in the DDR, but they held annual reunions to remember their year in Svalbard.

  • He attends Pueblo reunions but rarely socializes with other crew members.

  • Julia works for Michelle, a literary agent who nobly downed tools to drive her to the woman's sixth-floor council flat for a tearful reunion .

  • Last year I went to my high-school reunion and ran into an old flame.

  • Many memories were shared when former members of Tewkesbury Boys Brigade gathered for a reunion .