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Definition of retention


the continued possession, use, or control of something.

These initiatives will improve our retention of nurses, have a positive domino effect on recruitment, and, over time, reduce dependency on agency and overseas nurses.

retention definition and meaning. What does retention definination?

Example of retention

  • Agricultural potential is limited by the high alkalinity of the soil and its poor water retention .

  • Apply a thin top dress of bark mulch to improve water retention but do not cover stems.

  • Ezekiel waved his arms, as if the gesture aided in memory retention .

  • Foliage color, needle length, needle retention , stem straightness, shape and density are among the important factors influencing one's final choice of a Christmas tree.

  • For example, dietary protein restriction reduced Zn absorption and retention in calves.

  • For example, diuretics may be helpful in reducing the fluid retention caused by high dietary salt intake.

  • Future research should include studies to reveal language acquisition or learning comprehension and retention when using weblogs.

  • Gain requirement recommendations are from limited body composition data and relate P requirements to protein retention .

  • Gums help low-fat cheese products retain their shape, cuttability, melting characteristics, spreadability and moisture retention .

  • Improved nitrogen retention and utilization also were observed in pigs fed Bacilli.