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Synonyms of residual


Definition of residual


a quantity remaining after other things have been subtracted or allowed for.

There are, in general, three possibilities regarding the functional significance of signal residuals .

remaining after the greater part or quantity has gone.

Nor was it one they tended to trace back to some residual force of upbringing, like that upwardly mobile impulse so often attributed to immigrant families.

residual definition and meaning. What does residual definination?

Example of residual

  • ‘The only specific enemy forces will be residual local forces, but it is a dangerous and challenging environment, of that there is no doubt,’ said a senior MoD source.

  • A similar effect can be created by perched water tables formed by silty or clayey layers of low permeability within alluvial soils, or cemented layers in weathered, residual soils.

  • Are the residual chemicals in the container directly discharged?

  • As paper assets, they represent a residual claim on the income and equity of a company.

  • At the moment parents of students are expected to contribute up to £1, 100 a year towards the cost of tuition fees if their residual income is more than about £20,000.

  • Be sure that the various income streams due to you after retirement are clearly differentiated as income interests or residual interests.

  • By this I mean that with her work, the emphasis is on utility rather than pure aesthetic appeal, even though a certain residual enigmatic quality remains.

  • Finally, where residual populations of tiger salamanders have survived despite the odds in still isolated locations, they have become a target of the pet trade.

  • However, occasionally a diamond appears in amongst the residual material, and there's always plenty of other less-precious material which is still able to be put to good use.

  • In direct answer to your question: Though I believe you may have some residual immunity from your original vaccine, a booster at least would be necessary in the event of a threat.