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Definition of request


an act of asking politely or formally for something.

A ninth lane is being added to the running track at the request of international athletes, and a media zone is being created.

politely or formally ask for.

If you send out information two months after a consumer requested it, that's not timely.

request definition and meaning. What does request definination?

Example of request

  • ‘Indeed, at the request of the liquidator, we are preparing an account of the situation and will have a surplus to hand over to him, we think,’ he said.

  • A few days later, Turkey officially approached its other NATO partners with a request for more help.

  • A group representing the company's 300 pensioners has been refused a request for a meeting with management and told that they will not get any shares in the floated company.

  • As soon as you establish confidentiality, you should request financial information.

  • At the request of a third party, Lucire interviewed 319 patients in litigation over arm pain.

  • At the request of the Russian prosecutors, the Swiss authorities have also recently frozen $5bn in bank accounts belonging to Khodorkovsky and his associates.

  • At the time of going to print, I haven't received an answer from the Chancellor to my request for Council to abide by the simple rules of natural justice and set fees in term time.

  • But employers can refuse the request if they have a clear business reason for objecting.

  • But other inmates as well as guards routinely sought him out for autographs or to request writing tips or advice on their appeals.

  • Either way, the landlord will probably want the right to review the person you pick, and that is a reasonable request .

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