Definition of repels


be repulsive or distasteful to.

Then I asked them each to pick out one painting that he or she couldn't stand and tell me what it was about the picture that repelled or repulsed him or her.

drive or force (an attack or attacker) back or away.

Lt. Lane had never been required to repel any kind of onslaught since he'd taken command, but he was a well-trained Federation officer and had a masterful knowledge of all the defense tactics at his disposal.

refuse to accept (something, especially an argument or theory).

the alleged right of lien led by the bankrupt's attorney was repelled

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Example of repels

  • A young scientist invents a material that is indestructible and repels dirt.

  • And I got this idea that I would use India ink on acetate and make a brush-stroke, because the acetate kind of repels the ink.

  • Articles appeared in the trade press during December 1931 about how MGM studio personnel were so repelled by the sideshow cast that the studio set aside a special lunchroom for some of the performers.

  • Bernard is both enraptured and repelled by this snake.

  • But there is, none the less, something in popular culture that repels him.

  • electrically charged objects attract or repel one another

  • Finally his regiment successfully repels a charge by the enemy, and Henry feels relief and elation at his feeling of success.

  • For listeners, this rendering of a concert experience is ‘the kernel of enjoyment that simultaneously attracts and repels us’.

  • government units sought to repel the rebels

  • If presumably neither, the concert certainly was distinctively Pogorelich - an attribute that will continue to repel distracters and lure fans from all over the country.

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