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Synonyms of remark


Definition of remark


a written or spoken comment.

The former president's remarks have been interpreted as a timetable for China's military offensive against this country.

regard with attention; notice.

The image of the social totality has often been remarked to be more difficult to perceive from street level than from above.

say something as a comment; mention.

Long, who is president of the organization, remarked on the mixed crowd.

remark definition and meaning. What does remark definination?

Example of remark

  • "I doubt there's much danger of that," I remarked dryly.

  • A pair of German kayakers returning for their second year remarked on the difference.

  • Both panels, as remarked earlier, are extremely small.

  • Finally, we give a summary and some concluding remarks .

  • he made a remark about the case

  • He was expecting to hear a snide remark in response but got only a satisfied sigh.

  • He was later forced to withdraw the remark in an apology delivered in parliament.

  • He was more interested in the tall ones off at a bit of a distance, but she passed by without notice or remark .

  • Helen remarks that many people go through their lives without finding out what they are really good at, but she's been lucky.

  • I remarked on how strange it was that none of them was there at the reunion.

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