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make (something) regular.

The new rule is to regularise the practice of traditional Indian systems of medicine and to prevent quacks.

regularise definition and meaning. What does regularise definination?

Example of regularise

  • Although there is some evidence for localized schemes of drainage and regularized land allotment, there is no hint of any overall scheme of land division.

  • an electrical implant to regularize the heartbeat

  • At that time, the modern nation-state began to regularize taxation and renounce the use of surprise plunder and confiscation as fiscal devices.

  • Britain regularised its system only in the late 1970s and in Indian society, which is just beginning to accept formal adoption (taking in orphaned relatives and friends has its own history in India), there is a long way to go.

  • Filtered displacements feed into an Analysis module, which regularizes the data to generate a smooth deformation field and carries out a mechanics analysis.

  • First, an immigration restriction bill passed by Congress in 1917 allowed for the assignment of American medical staff to overseas consulates in order to regularize the medical exams administered to visa applicants.

  • Government will then issue new exploration and production leases to all existing operators to regularise them under updated terms and conditions.

  • He is now recommending that the enforcement notices should be rescinded and that those operating from the quarry without permission should be invited to submit applications to regularise their use.

  • I am not interested in having a baby for at least three years, but I want to regularise my periods.

  • In 1998 things were improved by the creation of a Local Government Fund to help regularise council funding.

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