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Synonyms of rectangle

Definition of rectangle

a plane figure with four straight sides and four right angles, especially one with unequal adjacent sides, in contrast to a square.

Working together, we used a red crayon to divide the upper right rectangle into eight smaller rectangles .

rectangle definition and meaning. What does rectangle definination?

Example of rectangle

  • But among the neatly stitched squares and rectangles of denim and canvas there is one of thick regimental tartan.

  • Cut into squares or rectangles and transfer to a baking tray, lined with baking paper or a baking cloth.

  • Cut the shortbread into squares or rectangles while still hot.

  • Grouping wall decor in geometric shapes such as rectangles , triangles or circles adds interest.

  • He arranges thin rectangles , squares, triangles and trapezoids in complex patterns on the wall.

  • Here, horseshoe shapes, ovals and rectangles are organized into four groups.

  • In particular books one and two set out basic properties of triangles, parallels, parallelograms, rectangles and squares.

  • In the remaining works, the interplay of rectangles and squares is more elaborate.

  • Let's start with a rectangle, and then remove a square from it with the same side length as the shortest side of the rectangle .

  • Next, pre-cut rectangles and squares of different shades of green paper were distributed.

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