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Definition of recommend


commend or entrust someone or something to (someone).

I devoutly recommended my spirit to its maker

put forward (someone or something) with approval as being suitable for a particular purpose or role.

She was recommended to us by one of her friends, who also minded our children.

recommend definition and meaning. What does recommend definination?

Example of recommend

  • A detailed planning application with amendments will be considered by the Council's regulatory and appeals committee tomorrow and officers are recommending councillors to support it.

  • A full German libretto with an English translation makes this reissue recommendable even to collectors acquainting themselves with this opera for the first time.

  • A report recommends members urge the Post Office to keep the branch open saying it provides a vital service for residents who may have problems accessing the main post office in the town centre.

  • But Scarborough councillors are being recommended to approve the scheme at a planning meeting on Tuesday.

  • But Scarborough councillors are being recommended to approve the scheme next Tuesday.

  • Computer science students, IT consultants and business managers will find valuable material in this highly recommendable book.

  • Councillors are recommended to approve both outline applications.

  • For those reasons, we strongly recommend that all water systems be metered and monitored.

  • His critique of the corporatization of politics has much to recommend it.

  • I know the practice has worked for a lot of people, and it was highly recommended to me.

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