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Definition of realizations


an act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact.

I notice the realization starting to dawn on the other two.

the action of converting an asset into cash.

The instruments the subject of the lien are delivered to the bank for collection, or for retention until maturity, which means that realization is contemplated by the parties.

the fulfillment or achievement of something desired or anticipated.

If the US government took steps to facilitate the full realization of open spectrum, it would achieve several vitally important policy goals.

realizations definition and meaning. What does realizations definination?

Example of realizations

  • Again, his was an incomplete realisation , using just one pair of symbol and chord pages to create a version that lasted about four minutes.

  • Between desire and reality, potential and realization , what could be and what is, lies the shortfall.

  • Each QTL effect is assumed to be a random realization sampled from a normal distribution with an unknown variance.

  • Film music buffs will want more complete realizations of these scores, but the present CD is excellent and an economical purchase for more moderate types.

  • First of all he relied upon there having been a realisation of profits.

  • For example, the time pattern of the effects of a change in the taxation of capital gains will obviously depend on the time pattern of capital gains realizations , which are notoriously difficult to forecast.

  • Here we must be talking about revolution, marked by joyous restlessness, a harmonization of ends, and a desire that pushes a vision of the human potential into realization .

  • I was waiting for a few wrong notes, or the unannounced blur of phrase intonation; instead I heard one of the most perfect realizations I am most likely to hear for some little while.

  • In general, out of a series of 40 random realizations of simulated single-molecule spectra, there is usually at least one that has a strong resemblance to a specific experimental spectrum.

  • Mission success fee incentivizes the contractor's realization of certain specific achievements that are critical to the success of the program.

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