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Synonyms of reading


Definition of reading


a figure or amount shown by a meter or other measuring instrument.

radiation readings were taken every hour

a stage of debate in a parliament through which a bill must pass before it can become law.

He said he expects the Bill to have a bumpy ride as it goes through further readings and committee stages.

an interpretation.

An honest reading of the document shows that the Vatican is simply banning gays.

the action or skill of reading written or printed matter silently or aloud.

a cursory reading of the minutes

reading definition and meaning. What does reading definination?

Example of reading

  • A close reading of the document suggests, however, that the threat has been exaggerated.

  • a man of wide reading

  • a poetry reading

  • A quick trawl through the record books makes depressing reading .

  • Flanagan supplemented his history classes at high school with a considerable amount of wide reading .

  • He appeared to be drunk and a breath test gave a reading of 125 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

  • He can read only functional reading , he can read train stops, things like that.

  • I do not wish to suggest that our reading of these narratives can be closed or definitive.

  • If MPs approve the bill at its third and final reading in Parliament next week it will be passed for Royal Assent and become law.

  • In fact, most of the letters make depressing reading , so I'll move on!