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Definition of qualm


an uneasy feeling of doubt, worry, or fear, especially about one's own conduct; a misgiving.

If money were no longer an object I would have no qualms about leaving London and the south behind and moving up there permanently.

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Example of qualm

  • ‘I had a momentary qualm when I was told that the plane was something called a Yak, but it delivered me in time to review the papers on Today’.

  • And these days it is not just a partner - legal firms have no qualms about poaching entire teams.

  • Avex officials say young people have no qualms about copying and distributing music.

  • But we expect loyalty and have no qualms about throwing someone out of the group if they don't play fair with us.

  • But when I see cats prowling on my property, I have no qualms about dousing them with water.

  • During this ascent Mr. Glaisher's hands became quite blue, and he experienced a qualmish sensation in the brain and stomach, resembling the approach of sea-sickness.

  • Entrepreneurs have no qualms about destroying traditional ways of life if they can make a profit.

  • Fans of this show should have no qualms about picking this one up because of the mostly solid transfers.

  • He also added that he would have no qualms about seeking expenses for the trip.

  • He had not been seated ten minutes before Dick Blatchford drifted in, smoking a black cigar that gave Keith a slight qualmish feeling.