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practicing or affecting strict religious or moral behavior.

They read a caution against supervisor-employee relationships as a puritanical ban on interoffice romance, while a call to report improper behavior was taken as an invitation to rat on co-workers.

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Example of puritanical

  • ‘Their willingness to loosen puritanical laws on dress and public behavior have created the illusion of freedom,’ he says.

  • At a time when everyone else was tripping out on psychedelic rock Flack's recording of Ewan Macoll's folk song was an unlikely hit; the music was puritanically plain, the words so simple.

  • Benglis's photograph can be read in various ways, appealing to the libertarian feminist as surely as it repelled the more puritanically minded.

  • But beyond puritanical squeamishness - and the native instinct of all bureaucracies to create policies upon policies - employers have good reason to outlaw porn.

  • Crowley was raised a member of the Plymouth Brethren and his over-reaction to that puritanical brand of religion is fairly evident throughout his work, hence ‘The Great Beast’.

  • I think she got scared about these - she would say to me that there was a puritanical streak in America that can become so aggressive, and she always feared that, to come back.

  • In this respect, it is fair to say that just as Epicurus was hardly epicurean, Protestants and Puritans were much less puritanical than is often supposed.

  • Is the baby boomer electorate so puritanical that they would punish progressive politicians who voiced support for liberalizing or legalizing intoxicants, or simply marijuana?

  • It is disheartening to realize, nearly twenty years later, that this is still the case, and that what passes as avant-garde criticism today is even more puritanical than what comes out of the academic mainstream.

  • It is the most puritanically ingredient-driven meal I've ever had.