Definition of protect


keep safe from harm or injury.

I hope outrage is expressed - we have got to protect what we have.

protect definition and meaning. What does protect definination?

Example of protect

  • protect the children from harm

  • A new structure of tariffs on imports is designed to further protect Russian industries from foreign competition.

  • A number of acute-phase reactants protect against tissue injury in response to heat stress.

  • An attempt to protect domestic industry can do nothing to change this reality.

  • Basic coverage will protect you against fire, vandalism, lightning, and water damage.

  • certain vitamins may protect against heart disease

  • Fortunately it was a thick material so as to protect the thing better.

  • Framed in a rich tortoiseshell, their square amber lenses protect against UV damage.

  • He said in this case it was the duty of the Government to set up safeguard measures to protect the domestic industry.

  • he tried to protect Kelly from the attack

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