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Definition of propose


make an offer of marriage to someone.

I went out with him for four years and then he proposed to me.

put forward (an idea or plan) for consideration or discussion by others.

we propose to be away for six months

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Example of propose

  • ‘He has told me that he will propose me and I'm confident I will be seconded by a family member.’

  • A motion is proposed that would be a Good Thing.

  • After he retired in 1992, he asked a friend to propose him as a member.

  • And in fact, they're not proposing a peace plan.

  • Any member of the Association is eligible to propose a candidate.

  • Anyway, someone proposes the motion and someone else opposes it.

  • At last week's Carlow town council meeting a resident of Grave Lane requested that the council propose a motion to change the name to Park Lane.

  • At Monday night's monthly meeting of Council, he proposed a motion that action be taken prior to the accession of the new member states in May.

  • Before a Branch can become official, it must propose officers, have a constitution, and establish a bank account.

  • Each commission will propose one candidate to fill each vacancy.

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