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Synonyms of promulgate


Definition of promulgate


promote or make widely known (an idea or cause).

She knows some people will think her a spoilsport for promulgating these ideas, especially in Australia where ‘an English garden’ with borders and lawns is still the gardening aspiration of many.

promulgate definition and meaning. What does promulgate definination?

Example of promulgate

  • A law intended to guard against the spreading of false stories actually forced the national broadcaster to promulgate a lie.

  • A new constitution was promulgated restoring constitutional monarchy.

  • Additionally, the secretary of state may promulgate regulations interpreting ambiguous provisions of the act.

  • Alabama state law allows licensure agencies to adopt and promulgate rules governing professional practices.

  • Beginning in the mid-1940s, British astronomer Fred Hoyle was the dominant figure promulgating this idea.

  • Each party would be responsible for their assets' legality if the law is promulgated .

  • Far from being a destroyer of the written word, the Internet, with Google as a leading vehicle, will prove to be its great support and egalitarian promulgator .

  • Further, changes that have been promulgated to promote clarity may be incompatible with the very nature of doxology.

  • Guidelines for anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation based on absolute risk or clinical criteria have been widely promulgated .

  • I am now delighted to promulgate a complete fallacy, literally promoted by many international schools around the world.