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Synonyms of procedured


Definition of procedured


an established or official way of doing something.

The official procedures , it seems, often work against our better interests.

procedured definition and meaning. What does procedured definination?

Example of procedured

  • At what point does the application of such procedures destroy the order itself?

  • Because it is part of a clinical trial, the only cost for the procedure is operating rooms costs.

  • Failure to observe established safety procedures was the reason Noev gave for the incident on Sunday.

  • He said the county had established a procedure and method of dealing with such incidents.

  • I'm beginning to suspect I was abducted by aliens on Monday night and subjected to a series of invasive medical procedures .

  • If a lawyer believes some restriction is merely burdensome or truly unconstitutional, counsellor has an obligation to challenge it procedurally , not to breezily ignore it.

  • In practice, these strictures are often ignored - public meetings occur daily that have not been procedurally sanctioned - but they still remain official policy.

  • In this manner we ensure our procedures are both acceptable and effective.

  • It cannot take advantage of defects in internal procedures in order to defeat the making of a contract.

  • It is a surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia and the use of an operating room.