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purse (the mouth or lips) into a prim expression.

Though she primmed her mouth at him, a dimple betrayed her.

stiffly formal and respectable; feeling or showing disapproval of anything regarded as improper.

There not very far from them sat the Princess, sitting very prim and proper, watching the fish play in the fountain pool.

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Example of prim

  • ‘And I told you it does not befit a young lady to call a gentleman in such a familiar manner,’ she answered primly .

  • At one point she thought she would laugh aloud at how prim and proper they both sounded, when just below the surface, tension seethed.

  • Being a prim and proper spinster, Jane Austen did not use the family scandal in any of her novels.

  • Dinner was seriously good, but far from solemn, with none of that hushed primness that spoils many smart country restaurants.

  • Even the waiters, prim and proper and offering excellent service during the day, turn into veritable fleet-footed dancers in the evening, even dragging guests on to the floor.

  • Francesca straightened her face into an expression of extreme primness and said in delicate, slightly haughty tones, ‘You may kiss her.’

  • He has also written the accompanying catalogue, which reveals that these men who gave us some of the most poetic and placid paintings, which often seem to be so very primly composed, led turbulent lives.

  • Her mother spat fire whenever she caught Danielle sitting in any position other than the normal prim and proper, ramrod stiff spine lady pose.

  • It was true Lily was extraordinarily prim and proper when she started going to Alex's school.

  • Like all such movies, the people are prim and proper on the surface; they all dress neatly and everyone walks around with unspoken emotions waiting to bubble forth to the surface.