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Definition of priceless


so precious that its value cannot be determined.

We are likely to need the services of these people, whom we term unskilled and yet whose skills are in reality priceless , for some time to come.

priceless definition and meaning. What does priceless definination?

Example of priceless

  • Among the thousands of priceless paintings is the Mona Lisa, perhaps the most famous painting in the world.

  • Books are priceless treasures that will never become old or obsolete, no matter the advances in technology.

  • Dana was still making her call when the shots went off, so the shocked look on her face was beyond priceless .

  • Each new generation has been orally handed down the priceless musical heritage like all other Indian art forms.

  • Fauteaux's portrayal of Billy yielded some particularly priceless moments.

  • He put the mug down carefully on a coaster on the antique bedside table, next to a priceless vase holding rare flowers.

  • In retrospect, Leonard Cohen's Death of a Lady's Man from '77 is pricelessly charming.

  • In the end it didn't matter and the look on his face was priceless as you could clearly see the shock and the moment it registered for him.

  • Know that a thing or an action which may seem of little value to oneself, may be a priceless treasure to another.

  • Of course, it would be illegal to bring home priceless original museum specimens, even if we could afford them.

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