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the position of a fetus in relation to the cervix at the time of delivery.

The registers we used lacked information on the presentation of the second twin before delivery of the first.

the proffering or giving of something to someone, especially as part of a formal ceremony.

Mrs McEvoy, 46, and her son had no idea that the presentation would take place - they thought that they were going on a holiday to meet up with their friends for the first time.

presentatio definition and meaning. What does presentatio definination?

Example of presentatio

  • a sales presentation

  • A special presentation in class to explain what makes a single student different, delivered by his own mother… sounds like it could be a very bad thing.

  • All the writers I have named above as preeminent leaders in the field have chosen to emphasise the substance of their work over the style of their presentation .

  • And then there's the goofy style of presentation .

  • At initial presentation both partners should have a history taken and be examined.

  • breech presentation

  • Here's a sample presentation that also explains what's so cool about the whole thing.

  • His early photojournalism evokes the passing of a way of life, including the last court presentation at Buckingham Palace in 1958.

  • However, these methods required an extended interval to obtain the diagnosis and were not helpful at the time of initial presentation .

  • I would be grateful to receive from any readers, comments on the range of topics, the contents of the answers and the style and presentation of the material in the book.