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Definition of power plant


an installation where electrical power is generated for distribution.

On Dec.6, hundreds of protestors staged a rally at a wind power plant in the city over land compensation disputes.

power plant definition and meaning. What does power plant definination?

Example of power plant

  • But the path of electricity from a power plant to your wall socket is a rather, well, circuitous one.

  • Designers have selected the engine as the power plant for the first two vehicles.

  • Energy efficiency reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, primarily at the power plant .

  • Engineers said the power plant could be back online as early as today.

  • He found what it was that brought the bird down and powered up the fusion power plant again to get the lift circuits back online.

  • He works at the local nuclear power plant as a safety engineer while she stays at home and raises the kids.

  • Heavy smoke from a burning power plant poured over the city of 500,000, and other buildings were also on fire.

  • In the wake of recent comments in support of the co-generation power plant , I feel compelled to put the record straight.

  • In this article, we will examine how a nuclear reactor and a power plant work.

  • Interior noise levels are low - a trend among modern vehicles - and the diesel power plant is all but inaudible.

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