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Synonyms of powdery


Definition of powdery


consisting of or resembling powder.

powdery snow

powdery definition and meaning. What does powdery definination?

Example of powdery

  • ‘I don't get it,’ Max said, her boots thumping on the powdery sand.

  • At issue is candy that contains significant amounts of chili powder, including lollipops coated with chili, and powdery mixtures of salt, lemon flavoring and chili seasoning.

  • Brown splatters covered her apron and her elbows were powdery .

  • First you know them as the old soft kind powdery grandparent; then one day you find the pictures of them in middle-age, in early adulthood, in their youth.

  • For decades, steelmakers have used highly polluting ovens to turn powdery coal and iron ore into chunks called coke and sinter, which are melted with superheated air to make iron.

  • Hazardous materials crews are checking out a report of a powdery substance found in a letter at the IRS building downtown.

  • His irises beet red, covered by a dull, powdery white.

  • I'm sure I'd personally prefer the powdery tablets as opposed to dangerous UV rays.

  • It brought with it the undeniable reek of sulfur, which covered its bare feet in a powdery layer.

  • Lowbush blueberry fruits typically are about 1/4 inch in diameter, very sweet, and covered with a powdery blue bloom.

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