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Definition of posterior


a person's buttocks.

Only once did I have a crash landing and create a hugely attractive mould of my posterior in the sand.

coming after in time or order; later.

a date posterior to the first Reform Bill

further back in position; of or nearer the rear or hind end, especially of the body or a part of it.

When cool, insert a good knife or poultry shears, where the body and the tail are joined and cut towards the posterior , then turn the lobster around and cut toward the anterior.

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Example of posterior

  • A 14 year old boy was sprinting during a 200 m race when he suddenly developed a severe pain posteriorly in the proximal part of his left thigh.

  • Anteriority, or posteriority , is a characteristic of the Gothic, in that it gives expression to what Enlightenment culture pushes to the back.

  • As my posterior touches down on porcelain, I let out a sigh of relief.

  • Bureaucrats are not known for their boldness; if something bad happens, they want some sort of shelter for their posteriors .

  • But if things do fall apart completely, we appear to be fortuitously well prepared for a descent into cannibalism judging by the plethora of plump posteriors wandering the malls.

  • By the time you stand up you feel like you have a basket weave pattern embossed on your posterior .

  • Does the hands-and-knees posture during labour help to rotate the occiput posterior fetus?

  • Father is especially proud of mother, who resolved to labor naturally, and did so despite a forty-two hour labor and a posterior baby.

  • He had macroglossia, and a posterior position of the soft palate.

  • He presented evidence for Aristotle's recognition of a type of term between equivocal and univocal terms, some instances of which were characterized by their use according to priority and posteriority .