Definition of possesses


(of a demon or spirit, especially an evil one) have complete power over (someone) and be manifested through their speech or actions.

Can a pharmacist refuse to fill a prescription because he or she believes the client is possessed by demons?

have as belonging to one; own.

The world is brimming with countries that possess chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

have sexual intercourse with (a woman).

maintain (oneself or one's mind or soul) in a state or condition of patience or quiet.

Do I ‘approve myself in all things as a minister of God; in much patience possessing my own soul,’ and having the government of my own spirit?

possesses definition and meaning. What does possesses definination?

Example of possesses

  • ‘Neither my wife nor I believe he should be criticised or penalised for possessing those qualities,’ he said.

  • A feeling of loneliness possessed my whole being.

  • A small boy is ostracized from his village, where they claim an evil spirit possesses him.

  • all that the plaintiffs did was to possess themselves of the securities

  • But if the enemy possesses chemical, radiological, bacteriological, or nuclear weapons, they need succeed only once.

  • For some it's love, others jealousy, others the need of power, others wonder, and finally there are those who's greed finally possesses them to kill themselves.

  • For travellers looking to venture off the beaten path, Wu Zhen, a water town possessing a cultural heritage of 1,000 years in north Zhejiang Province, is the place to go.

  • He also possesses the ability to communicate with insects and order them to do his bidding.

  • He confessed that "I have possessed myself in patience, but I'm fast getting too old to have any future of importance in the Army."

  • he did not possess a sense of humor

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