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Definition of pomp


ceremony and splendid display, especially at a public event.

St. Paul's was perfectly adapted to pomp and circumstance

pomp definition and meaning. What does pomp definination?

Example of pomp

  • A group of locals are carefully preserving unique traditions throughout the year - traditions which are more than just pomp and ceremony.

  • All the hideous excrescences that have overgrown our modern life, the pomps and conventions and dreary solemnities, dread nothing so much as the flash of laughter which, like lightning, shrivels them up and leaves the bones bare.

  • Break open the Pimms and get ready for five days of tradition, pomp and ceremony - and loads of rowing action.

  • entertaining overseas visitors with the right degree of pomp

  • I perceived Captain Delmar, in all the pomp and pride of full uniform

  • In 1840 his body is exhumed and with pomp and ceremony moved to Paris.

  • In a documentary to be shown on BBC 2 tonight, he will reveal his distaste for pomp and ceremony in the Anglican Church.

  • In a sense the tricolour had been colonised by a small grouping bringing murder and mayhem in their wake and such was the antipathy of the general population to the Provos and all their pomps that the national flag was almost sidelined.

  • It is time to call its bluff and close down the entire trough by abolishing the Arts Council and all its works and pomps .

  • It was an incredible ceremony - steeped in all the tradition, pomp and ceremony one has come to expect of Oxford, and this was at its best.